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Web Scraping with Python

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

What is web scraping?

Why scrape the web?

Step 1: Inspect the Website

How to Go to Developer Tools on Google Chrome
Web Inspector on Google Chrome

Step 2: Scrape the Website using Selenium

pip install selenium
from selenium import webdriver as wddriver = wd.Chrome(‘path to your webdriver’)link = “the website link”driver.get(link)content = driver.page_source

Step 3: Parse the HTML code using BeautifulSoup4

pip install beautifulsoup4
from bs4 import BeautifulSoupsoup = BeautifulSoup(content)example = soup.find(id = ‘someHTML-ID’)
x = soup.findall(‘div’, attrs={‘class’:’someHTML-Class’})info_data = []for i in x:info1 = x.find(‘span’, attrs={‘class’:’someClass1'}))info2 = x.find(‘div’, attrs={‘class’:’someClass2'}))info3 = x.find(‘span’, attrs={‘class’:’someClass3'}))info_data.apppend([info1, info2, info3])

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