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In data analytics, plotting is immensely important as it gives us insights from the data. There are various tools out there available for plotting. However, as python has been becoming the hottest programming language contemporarily — especially among data scientists, so I’m going to show you how to plot your data using the most eminent python library for data plotting, matplotlib. Actually, at first I just wanted to make an article about Indonesia’s poverty year-by-year in visualization, but since I’ve been posting about python tutorials before, so why don’t I share the code too, right? Teehee.

Matplotlib is a prominent…

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The internet has been evolving so fast and massively since the past few years. The amount of internet users is increasing every day. There are tons of data created each day and it makes data becoming a thing nowadays. Data analytics is an important role now in many fields. In a company — for example; many companies demanding data analytics to size up certain decisions the company makes, like pricing. A company needs to put a reasonable price for the products and sometimes they need to compare the prices from its competitors. They could collect the competitors’ pricing data from…

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Twitter is one of the most used data sources for data analysis. The reason is that it’s open and free to collect unless you subscribe to the paid version one. Besides, it’s pretty simple to collect data from it. If you haven’t known how to collect Twitter data using python, you can check my previous post, teehee.

Twitter data contains a bunch of information parameters. Sometimes, the data contain unnecessary things that need to be cleaned, such as unnecessary characters, links, newlines, and other kinds of stuff. …

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Twitter is a microblogging service or also called social media where you can tweet out your thoughts within 280 characters. It is used by 330 million people across the world and there are 500 million tweets sent per day. That means, there are a lot of data we could get too as a data geek, teehee 😁. Luckily, Twitter allows us to collect data from it for certain purposes. So, for us who want to do research and need Twitter data for it, we can actually ask Twitter for consent and ultimately get those data through Twitter API. …

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